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ITD World has developed world-class expertise in delivering actionable insights for organizations around the world. Leverage on the wisdom of renown gurus and subject matter experts to provide clarity and understanding to make sense of an increasingly ambiguous and complex world.

Our consulting solutions addresses a wide range of organizational behavior and issues to produce the desired outcomes. The process is enabled by cultivating and instilling a positive work culture to result in high performance. This is done via a robust mix of interventions, including executive training and development, training and development programs, certifications, and developing key talents and leaders, as well as assessments, coaching, mentoring, and setting up processes and systems to support the transformation.

  1. Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional Professional (6m)
    • Essential Coaching Skills (ECS)
    • Heart of Coaching (HOC)
    • Essential Mentoring Skills (EMS)
    • Coaching and Mentoring for Breakthrough Success (CMBS)
  2. Certified High Performance Team Coach (6m)
    • Team Advantage Coaching (TAC)
    • Disruptive Team Coaching (DTC)
    • Strategic Business Coaching (SBC)
    • Exponential Growth Coaching (EGC)
  3. Certified Chief Master Coach (12m)
  1. Training & Development
    • ECS (2d)
    • HOC (2d)
    • EMS (2d)
    • CMBS (3d)
    • Coaching Techniques for Breakthrough Results (CTBR 1, 2 & 3) (2d)

    • LC
    • EC
    • DTC
    • SBC
    • CC
    • TAC
    • DTC
    • EGC
  2. Trainer Certification
    • Workshop
    • Train-the-Trainer (TTT)
    • Experiential Training
    • Follow-up
    • Mentoring
    • Licensed Material
    • Reinforcement Materials/Media