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Our ICF-accredited coaching and mentoring training course is designed to help you become a certified coaching and mentoring professional – thereby multiplying value to the people around you. Certified leaders are empowered to add tremendous value to others at work, home and the community – by applying effective processes to obtain sustainable results.

ITD World’s coaching and mentoring training program (CCMP) comprehensively brings together the best leadership solutions from eminent gurus in the industry. They are ITD World’s CEO – Dr Peter Chee, Pennsylvania State University Professor William J. Rothwell, Success Coach Jack Canfield, and renowned consultant Thomas G. Crane.

Our entire program equips you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to coach people towards outstanding results.

  • Draw out the best solutions from people you coach to establish a great sense of ownership, accountability and commitment.
  • Celebrate their success as you coach them to unleash their potential for high performance to accomplish more in work and life.
Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP)

Upon finishing our international coaching certification program, you are well-equipped to powerfully help people to achieve accelerated success – by sharing your knowledge, experience, expertise and connections as a coaching/mentor. You will also teach, advise, guide and support the person you mentor to outstanding results.

Why should I choose ITD’s
solution over others?

Below are some benefits of attending our Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional class:

  • The best combination of design and intellect from the world top coaches, mentors and peak performance gurus.
  • Full online access to ITD World’s e-Learning solutions to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Recognition and approval by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world leading non-profit professional body for coaching.
  • Training, coaching, mentoring, experiential and action learning in an all in one comprehensive results-based learning solution.
  • Cutting-edge tools, e-Workshops, and learning materials to support effective learning, application and research.
  • A continuous learning intervention over six months towards professional mastery of coaching and mentoring. e-Workshops delivered by the most competent and experienced facilitators and trainers.
  • A mentor coach for learning support throughout the action learning project phase.
  • A comprehensive and effective assessment of each participant to demonstrate attainment of bottom-line results from coaching and mentoring.
  • Motivation to learn, apply and succeed is provided by the three awards in the program.
ACSTH ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

Who should attend ITD’s

The Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional program (CCMP) is suitable for individuals who need to lead and develop others in both private and public sectors – including CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives and Managers plus those seeking to develop their competencies to be a coaching and mentoring professional.

For beginners who have just stepped into the field of coaching, you may consider getting started with our Certificate in Performance Coaching (CPC) – which, essentially, covers the first 2 modules of CCMP.

Alternatively, for those who already have coaching certifications, you can perform the next step – by attending our Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) class.


Practice sessions, role plays, videos, case studies, facilitated group discussions, coaching and mentoring activities and games, demonstrations, powerful presentations by facilitators and participants, assignments, real live mentoring and coaching in action, live mentoring and coaching action projects.



Our coaching and mentoring training program (CCMP) comprises four modules. Each contains its own collection of teachable points, unique insights, skillsets, techniques, exciting activities, live demonstrations and projects to successfully equip you with the what, why and how-to for coaching and mentoring others for sustainable outcomes.

Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP) roadmap

Essential Coaching Skills

Familiarize yourself with what coaching entails in this module. Adopt the required coaching mindset and equip yourself with the five essential skills you need to coach others effectively.

Heart of Coaching

Take a deep dive into the heart of coaching by learning and applying the seven types of coaching conversations to become an effective coach at work.

Essential Mentoring Skills

Get yourself acquainted with the makings of a great mentor by adopting and applying the six essential mentoring techniques in any mentoring sessions.

Coaching and Mentoring for Breakthrough Success

Equipped yourself with powerful advanced coaching and mentoring techniques that you can apply in coaching conversations or mentoring situations. Internalizing and assimilating The Coaching Principles (TCP) enables you to help others achieve their breakthrough goals in work and life.

Coaching for Breakthrough Success: Packed with stirring personal stories, life changing case studies, crucial coaching conversations, exemplary coaching questions, inspirational coaching quotes and ready-to-use tools that equip you to achieve professional mastery in coaching. This practical manual guides you through the top 30 principles every coach needs to succeed. You’ll learn the six paradigms of Situational Coaching, the ultimate power of Achievers Coaching Techniques, and the tried-and-true secret to making impossible dreams possible.

••• Explore

Who will be TRAINING me?

Our coaching and mentoring training program’s facilitating team comprises a talented blend of experience and expertise. Cumulatively, all members of the team have coached, mentored and trained thousands of people around the world for more than 30 years.

Each of them has learned from the best in the fields of leadership, coaching and mentoring as well as being certified by various industry leading organizations.

ITD World's coaching experts

Get Certified Today

ITD has been certifying UN trainers since 2007, we benefited from this splendid delivery. Since then I and my chief of section recommended ITD to all training Chiefs and Officers in all UN missions. Even UNHQ staff members have benefited from ITD’s expertise. Since ITD entered the UN system, its trainers showed great improvement.

•••Maria Cecelia Icaro, United Nations Integrated Mission Training Center

Frequently Asked Questions

••• What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Many people who used the two terms coaching and mentoring interchangeably – but doing so is not accurate. Coaching is the process of drawing out solutions from the people being coached so their potential is unleashed. In a coaching conversation, the coach does not provide the solution or even, suggestions, unless expressed permission is obtained. Instead, a coach uses various coaching techniques to empower the person being coach to come up with their own answers.

This is different from mentoring. In a mentoring session, the mentor actively provides advice, suggestions and recommendations on
the course of action a mentee should pursue in a given scenario. The mentor takes a very active position in ensuring the person being
mentored benefits from the mentor’s wealth of experience and expertise.

••• I have heard of Executive Coaching and Mentoring, what is it?

Executive coaching makes successful leaders even more successful. The executive coach engages the executive to drive positive
transformation for outstanding outcomes. The transformation is enabled through a combination of leveraging on strengths and closing
the gaps. Leaders who successfully do both overcome their internal and external roadblocks in their pursuit for better results.

••• Is ITD World’s coaching and mentoring training program recognized by ICF?

Yes, ITD World’s Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP) program is recognized and accredited by the International Coach
Federation (ICF). The organization is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches.

ICF accredits rigorously reviewed coaching programs which delivers coach-specific training that is aligned with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. You must complete the course and successfully pass all the projects assigned to be credited with the
83 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from ICF.

The CCMP program is also recognized by the Malaysian government’s Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) under its funding schemes for employers to upskill leaders and talent in their organizations.

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Coaching & mentoring certificates

••• Sounds great! What are my training options?

You can join our blended learning classes where our centers are located. Check the calendar for a suitable time and convenient place for you.

Attending a live coaching and mentoring training class means you get to meet the trainer face-to-face as well as network and connect with your fellow participants who are on the same path as you. This blended learning option also gives you access to our e-Learning platform so you can further reinforce your learning.

Alternatively, the entire CCMP program is available online at our e-Learning platform so you can learn at your own time and pace with an Internet connection. If you are planning to take the online journey, be sure to check out the e-Workshop dates so you don’t miss out on all the exciting sessions with our experienced and expert trainers who will deliver live trainings over the Internet right to your device. Don’t worry, you can also network and connect with participants around the world by taking the course online as you will be meeting them digitally.

Coaching workshops

If you just want to get your feet wet in the world of coaching and mentoring, each of the four modules are separately available online for you to pick up the knowledge, skills and techniques on your own.

Click here to start your learning anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection! You can also drop us a line and we will get back to you soonest.

The Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional program is one of the only truly international courses in Asia that is recognized by International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s leading professional non-profit body for coaching and approved for 83 Specific Coach Training Hours. Mentoring, coaching and growing people is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding work of a lifetime.

Pennslyvannia State University Professor William J. Rothwell


We believe our Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP) is one of the most outstanding coaching and mentoring training programs available in the market. It contains the best combination of design and intellect from the world’s top coaches, mentors and peak performance gurus – and is recognized and approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

When you join, you will receive access to ITD World’s e-Learning platform so you can develop yourself anytime and anywhere via the Internet. You will also get an all-in-one comprehensive results-based learning solution and obtain cutting-edge tools, learning materials and best-selling books to support eective research, learning and application to take you to the next level of success.

REGISTER TODAY or access the program now to take the first step on this rewarding and fulfilling lifetime journey.



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