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In a fast-paced world, results are paramount for today’s executive. Our performance coaching course comes with the latest information
on becoming the best coach and mentor. All materials are the latest and constantly reviewed to ensure industry relevance.

The Certificate in Performance Coaching (CPC) covers the first 2 modules of our signature coaching and mentoring training program
– which is fully recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), world’s leading professional non-profit body for coaching. The
main focus of the course is coaching for improved work performance.

With CPC, leaders are able to learn from the best of the industry solutions – designed by four of our top Mega Gurus: Dr. Peter Chee,
William J. Rothwell, Jack Canfield, and Thomas G. Crane.

CPC - Leaders Performance Coaching trainers

WHY should I join this Course?

Our performance coaching training solution enable you to learn from the best – to be the best. With our e-Learning system, you can now learn anytime, anywhere to enhance your leadership capabilities and skills. As everything is available online, you can schedule your time effectively to maximize the opportunity to grow.

CPC - Performance Coaching Training
  • Direct-to-camera instructions and tutoring. Course leaders speak directly to you to impart their wisdom through video.
  • Downloadable tools and materials. Enhance your learning experience with the tools and learning resources available for download.
  • Learning activities with post tutor briefings. Get the guidance you require to understand, internalize and apply what you have
  • Coaching demonstrations. See real-live coaching sessions and be inspired and empowered by the transformation happening right
    in front of your very eyes.
  • Online assessment. A comprehensive test of understanding at the end of each course plus individual achievement learning report.
  • Course Assignments. Engage in role-plays, presentations, life coaching and mentoring sessions and assignments.
  • Coaching Projects. To complete and submit a comprehensive report on results produced on actual coaching sessions.
  • Continuous Learning and Professional Ethics. Provide evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CDP) and conformance
    to professional ethics to continuously maintain high standards.

WHO is this Performance Coaching Certification meant for?

ITD World’s performance coaching course is suitable for individuals who need to lead and develop others in both private and public sectors – including CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives, and Managers, plus those seeking to develop the competencies to be a coaching and mentoring professional.

Participant will receive the award “Certificate in Performance Coaching” only upon meeting the required standards set after successful
program completion. After that, they are encouraged to continue to Phase 2 for further award of Certificate in Advanced Coaching &
and subsequently receive the certification in Phase 3. This is upon successful completion of live mentoring and coaching
action projects (4 months).

CPC & CACM Program Map

Certificate in Performance Coaching (CPC) Roadmap


ITD World’s performance coaching certification course is comprised of two modules.

CPC - Essential Coaching Skills

Essential Coaching Skills

Key Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to apply the 7 Key Coaching Skills for Success in preparation for its effective use in Transformational Coaching.

Outline-Competency Focus

  • Give appreciative and constructive feedback and receive feedback effectively to create awareness which leads to action by the coachee.
  • Ask great questions to engage in a coaching dialogue with the coachee in all coaching conversations.
  • Use Reflective and Empathic Listening in a Coaching Session.
  • Prepare to coach with the awareness of one’s own coaching style and the behavioral style of the coachee in a coaching session.
  • Confront what needs to be confronted in a coaching session by making it safe for the coachee in a performance improvement dialogue.
  • Set clear expectations and help coaches to set clear goals and objectives.
  • Plan and organize a coaching session as a preparatory step to a productive coaching dialogue.
CPC - The Heart of Coaching

The Heart of Coaching

Key Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to engage in powerful coaching conversations in the workplace, using the Transformational
Coaching Model

Outline-Competency Focus

  • Relate how coaching fits into contemporary leadership models and why it is an important skill for leaders.
  • Define what it means to become an effective coach and the workplace application of coaching.
  • Understand the coaching culture paradigm and coaching for high performance in the workplace.
  • Interpret and describe the critical distinctions between criticism, feedback and coaching.
  • Understand and apply the Transformational Coaching Model.
  • Relate how coaching fits into contemporary leadership models and why it is an important skill for leaders.
  • Define what it means to become an effective coach and the workplace application of coaching.
  • Interpret and describe the critical distinctions between criticism, feedback and coaching.
  • Understand and apply the Transformational Coaching Model.

After completing the 2 modules above and all essential requirements, you will receive a “Certificate in Performance Coaching” credential – issued by ITD World.

Performance Coaching Certification

LEARNING RESOURCES for Certificate in Performance Coaching

Every participant is provided with ITD World’s coaching and mentoring tools, templates, techniques, exercises, learning action plan and constantly updated supplementary learning capsules.

A designated Mentor-Coach is made available to participants to support them to complete their post-program assignments upon completing Phase 1 and 2 of our performance coaching training course. Participants are also encouraged to stay in touch with each other as well as the Course Leader.


Participants can join the ITD World Coaches and Mentors group on social media to connect with likeminded individuals. Those who have completed the entire Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional will form a community of certified professionals, resource persons, and Mentor – Coaches, with ITD World, to facilitate sharing, networking and continuous learning to enhance professional competencies.


What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is a management practice that involves a series of dialogues with employees – in order to help them improve
their performance and well-being. It’s about helping them realize and unlock their full potential – by providing on-the-job training, as
well as motivating them to strive harder.

The concept was first coined by John Whitemore more than 40 years ago – who at that time published the famous book “Coaching for

Why Performance Coaching?

For the recent years, more and more organizations have realized the importance of coaching in performance management.
Performance coaching plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of relationships between leaders and employees. It can
greatly aid in the identification of an employee’s personal development – as well as provide the necessary cues for future training plans.

Is ITD World’s Performance Coaching Certification recognized globally?

Participants are eligible to receive the “Certificate in Performance Coaching” (CPC) award upon meeting the required standards set
upon successful program completion. CPC holders qualifies them for 35 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Participants
who wish to further their skills in coaching and mentoring are encouraged to continue on to Phase 2 & 3 which qualifies them for the
Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP). Successful completion of the CCMP qualifies them for

Join our Performance Coaching course now!

Our world-class training program – Certificate in Performance Coaching (CPC) – will help you take the first step into the rewarding
world of coaching and mentoring. By learning from our world-class team of trainers, leaders will be equipped with the latest coaching
skills to improve employee performance.

Send us an enquiry now – our team will get back to see how we can help you on your journey towards professional coaching mastery.


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