makes internal assessments important?

Data plays a big part in decision making for leaders in our world today as solid data forms a strong base for decisions in any decision-making process. Organizations which desire sustainable high-performance from their people require actionable data from a robust assessment system so resources can be targeted at the right place for maximum effect.

This means organizations require a powerful assessment system to obtain the right data for proper use. ITD World’s eAssessment system is robustly customizable for collecting data for any organization. The system is built-from-the-ground-up to be agile for deployment in measuring various operational and strategic functions.

The system is flexible enough to provide assessments for only one leader and scalable up to surveys involving thousands. The inputs provides key decision makers with actionable data, up-to-date information and profound insights to enhance performance for bigger accomplishments.

can ITD World’s eAssessment measure?

ITD World’s eAssessment platform provides from multiple windows for assessing various competencies including

  1. Leadership Competencies, Behaviours and Habits
  2. Self-Mastery, Work-Life Mastery, Love, Happiness and Success, Mentoring Mastery and World Influence Mastery
  3. Mass Surveys relating to any topic such as Employee Engagement, High Performance Teams, Coaching Culture, Trust and Innovation Culture

can leaders make use of the results?

These learning glean from a robust assessment system give leaders the base to maximize talent with actionable data, information and profound insights to produce results. When leaders have these insights on hand, they are enabled to:

  1. Make critical decisions to leverage on the strengths of their talent and to improve upon the
    capabilities needing enhancement.
  2. Take action to maximize performance by assigning team members to tasks, duties, projects and
    roles which match their strengths.
  3. Identify gaps to close and take the necessary action to strengthen areas which are vital to the
    success of the team and the organization.

Leaders who possess the correct information are empowered to take the right action. By doing so, they are on the path to create high performance teams for accelerated growth and results.

can individuals benefit from the results?

The assessment allows people to get a snapshot of their talent level thanks to an intuitive process which quantifies the proficiencies being assessed. Those being assessed by others gain a deeper comprehension of their strengths and areas for improvement and can work on leveraging on what they are good at or on closing the gaps. ITD World’s eAssessment system anonymizes the sources of feedback so people can confidently and confidentially offer honest feedback.

If the person under assessment is you, you are enabled to make the correct decision and focus on essential efforts to take your talents to the next level. One method which World #1 Leadership Thinker Dr Marshall Goldsmith applies to his life is the Daily Active Question Process which you can utilize for your own benefit.

Organizations can also leverage on the results of the assessment to develop strategies for talent maximization efforts. By knowing what needs to be done, leaders and decision-makers can focus your energies on those areas that needs attention.

Leadership Feedback Tool

The Leadership Feedback Tool (LFT) is an example of the kind of assessment ITD World’s eAssessment is built for. The tool assesses leaders in four elements to pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement to drive their performance higher.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us

Ralph Waldo Emerson

does the LFT assess?


does the LFT assess?

The LFT works when people who are taking the assessment first assess their own performance before observers, comprising their superiors, direct reports, peers and stakeholders give their feedback. Persons being assessed rate themselves while the observers’ give their ratings and provide written feedback of the person. A report is then generated to show the performance of the person being assessed under each sphere.

The process is anonymized so a detailed picture can emerge to reveal gaps between performance and expectations, strengths to tap upon and gaps to close. Observers utilize the written feedback feature to give their inputs to which provides clarity and an avenue for specific action steps to be taken. This space is also used to give praise and encouragement.

The LFT platform is robustly built to handle various levels of assessment:

  1. Self-Assessment – Where you assessed yourself on your own competencies
  2. 360-degree Assessment – Where you are assessed by your direct reports, peers, superiors and self
  3. 720-degree Assessment – Where the 360 assessment is applied in the workplace and personal life for more holistic insights

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.

Bruce Lee

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

Moving Forward

The ITD World eAssessment is the first step towards continuous improvement for you, your team and your organization. Continue the journey to achieve a global competitive edge with our Top 3 Strengths:

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