Certified Master of Leadership (CML): World-class Customised Leadership Development Program

Certified Master of Leadership (CML) is a result-based, customized leadership development program developed to equip senior managers and high-potential talents with the essentials to be a competent leader in this VUCA world.

Certified Master of Leadership (CML)

Why invest in an in-house Leadership Development solution?

Research has proven the fact that a talented employee can be as much as 20x more productive than the average worker. Just imagine how much more we are capable of achieving with better leaders and more talent in our organization!

Investing in a customized leadership development program presents numerous benefits for organizations.

  • First, it helps to create a pool of internal talents prepared to take on leadership roles. This is especially beneficial during times of changes, when it is much more efficient to rely on internal employees who are already familiar with the company’s culture and values – rather than external candidates.
  • In addition, it provides an amazing chance to build a strong sense of team spirit within the organization. Specifically, participants will have the opportunity to work closely with other members of the leadership team, fostering a greater sense of collaboration.
Leadership development program

Introduction to ITD World’s customized Leadership Development program

Certified Master of Leadership (CML) is a result-based learning solution developed for senior to mid-level leaders and high potential talents. The program incorporates several methods to equip these people with the essentials to become a competent leader, including:

  • 6 domains of global leadership mastery.
  • 360º leadership assessment.
  • Learning workshops, coaching & mentoring.
  • Result-based action learning projects & management review.
Leadership mastery

How do we build our Leadership Certification Training course?

  • Provides cutting edge learning from the world’s greatest leadership experts and ITD World’s Mega Gurus.
  • Uses the synergistic power of consulting, assessment, training, coaching, mentoring, experiential action learning and management review – all in one comprehensive solution.
  • Develops leaders with a much stronger commitment and motivation for learning, behavior and habit change.
  • Offers a comprehensive result-based learning solution that is distinctly different from normal training and academic MBA or Doctoral programs.
  • Incorporates superior world-class program content, design, delivery system, methodology and evaluation that delivers far greater value compared to conventional programs.
  • Enables superior results for organizations that are truly committed to talent & leadership development for competitive advantage.
  • Delivered by top international resource persons with proven track record of excellent delivery.

Are Leadership courses worth it?

In today’s business world, effective leadership is essential for success. However, not everyone is born a natural leader. Fortunately, with the help of leadership courses, it should become much simpler to develop the skills needed to lead a team.

While the cost of these courses can be a deterrent for some, the investment can pay off in the long run. Leadership development programs can provide valuable insights into the art of effective communication, conflict resolution, and team building. In addition, they offer an opportunity to network with other professionals and learn from experienced instructors.

What are the components of ITD World’s Leadership Development Program?

Certified Master of Leadership (CML) is comprised of 6 modules – developed based on the STAR Model:

Star Model

P H A S E 1


Focal Point •• The Success Principles & Techniques for Breakthrough Results

In this self-mastery program, you will learn to use The Success Principles and Techniques for Breakthrough Results to enable you to quantum leap your success and happiness. These core competencies have been the secrets of outstanding performers all over the world.

At the end of this phase, participants will be enabled to build resilience and develop abilities required to thrive even in the most challenging times.

P H A S E 2


Focal Point •• The Disciplines of Leadership Excellence

Influencing competencies are indispensable to delivering both personal and organizational results. In almost every interaction with other people, you will find the need to influence and persuade them to buy-in to your ideas, your products or services.

Within modern day organizations, where structures are getting less hierarchical, working with peers and superiors towards common goals will require your skills to persuade, influence and inspire them to commit to the common goals.

P H A S E 3


Focal Point •• Coaching, Mentoring & Growing Talent

Leaders are effective when they are able to coach, mentor and develop followers to produce sustainable results. When we develop others, we develop ourselves even more and as a result, we are able to multiply the value we add to our organization, our loved ones and the world.

During our leadership certification training program, participants will learn the latest coaching and mentoring principles, paradigms and techniques that would help selected coaches and mentees achieve their breakthrough

P H A S E 4


Focal Point •• Strategic Thinking and Analysis

The main responsibility of a leader is to achieve a balance of satisfaction between stakeholders within the limited resources available. Towards this end, leadership is always seeking the ‘success formula’ that ensures that the organization not only survives the turbulent marketplace but thrives in the competitive environment.

This phase is a continuation of the leadership journey that focuses on using the tools of strategic analysis of a firm’s internal and external environment and deriving sound strategic options. It is the intention that through strategic thinking and analysis, participants are able to engage in strategic conversations as well as design and evaluate better futures for their firms.

P H A S E 5


Focal Point •• Executing Strategy and Change Management

It has been stated by professors in Harvard and Stanford that even well-formulated strategies fail 90% of the time during the execution phase. Strategy execution face challenges ranging from lack of commitment from the management team to cross-departmental conflicts, and poor coordination and communication.

Our leadership certification training program is intended to continue management staff on the strategic leadership journey by focusing on the execution of strategy and the management of change. It is expected that the participants will be more successful implementers of strategic initiatives and bring impact to organizational objectives as a result.

P H A S E 6


Focal Point •• Creativity and Innovation for Continuous Growth

To thrive under relentless, disruptive change, economic upheaval and ever-increasing competition, firms must create a culture of creativity and innovation. Innovation has become top priority for organizations and individuals that want to remain competitive and achieve sustainable success and growth, yet most are unable to crack the innovation code that unlocks the results desired.

This training phase aims to teach the participants how to think and how to learn to be more creative and innovative. Participants will learn about learn about the latest strategies and in-depth research of the world’s most creative and innovative companies to benchmark and analyze their best practices.

Through the use of various creative thinking and innovation tools, workshop participants will discover how to unleash fluency, flexibility and originality of thought that enables infinite creativity and innovation in their work and life.

What can I gain from attending ITD World’s Leadership certification course?

Leadership Success

As one of the world’s best in-house leadership development solution, Certified Master of Leadership (CML) is designed to:

  • INSPIRE leaders to reach new heights of excellence.
  • ENABLE application of learning, behavior and habit change.
  • CONNECT learning to delivery of organizational results.
  • DEVELOP and certify global leadership excellence competencies.
  • TRANSFORM leaders and ensure consistent delivery of high performance.
  • ACCELERATE the provision of a strong leadership pipeline talent for the future.
  • ACHIEVE sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Let’s see how we can customize our Leadership Development program for your organization


With a team of mega gurus who have had years of experience in developing leaders all over the world, we are confident in our ability to design customized corporate leadership training solutions specifically tailored to your organization’s needs. For those who are interested in developing the next generation of leaders for your organization, feel free to send us an enquiry – our team will get back for a conversation on how we can help you.