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Your Global Coaching & Leadership Development Partner

The Global Center for Coaching Excellence (GCCE) is one of ITD World’s flagship initiatives to empower leaders for coaching and mentoring greatness globally. As an award-winning multinational corporation, ITD World is fully committed to enable the world’s best leadership development solutions to leading global organizations.

The GCCE synergizes the most cutting-edge and impactful coaching and mentoring solutions, programs, and resources in one place. The mandate is to impart the highest standard of professionally curated coaching, mentoring, and leadership wisdom for people who aspire to be outstanding coaching leaders, and profoundly impact the lives of many.

This cutting-edge initiative is ITD World’s expression of its core values comprising Love, Innovation, Synergy, Trust, Excellence, and Nurture. With GCCE, ITD World shows love by truly caring and adding tremendous value to the world; innovates by creating impeccable results and exponential growth; synergizes through aligning our vision, mission, values, and strategic partners; fosters trust with the highest level of ethics and integrity in all our dealings; showcases excellence with superior quality world-class solutions; and nurtures people by developing and unleashing maximum potential.