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Cutting Edge Models

ITD World has built up a wealth of leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent development resources in over 40 years of delivering world-class solutions to our clients. We are delighted to share this selection of wisdom and expertise of cutting edge coaching and mentoring models, and hope you can immensely benefit from them.

Coaching for Breakthrough Success Meta Model

The Coaching for Breakthrough Success Meta Model is an innovative all-encompassing model for coaching expertise. This model encompasses 30 of The Coaching Principles (TCP), six paradigms of the Situational Coaching Model (SCM), and the eight Achievers Coaching Techniques (ACT) themes.

The TCP is the Heart of a coach, while the SCM represents the Mind of a coach, the Energy of the Coach is present in the ACT. To use this holistic model effectively, pick up a copy of Coaching for Breakthrough Success to produce powerful results in coaching.

Situational Coaching Model (SCM)

The Situation Coaching Model (SCM) is a contemporary conversational model that represents the mind of a coach. This model poses six crucial coaching paradigms that coaches can use flexibility in a coaching conversation. The model showcases why agility is an important element of coaching and shows how to smoothly shift from one paradigm to another to meet the needs of the situation. To use this model effectively and holistically with the Coaching for Breakthrough Success Meta Model, pick up a copy of Coaching for Breakthrough Success today.

Mentoring Mastery Model (MMM)

The Mentoring Mastery Model (MMM) showcase the best practices powerful mentors use to effectively transfer their knowledge, expertise, and networks to their mentees. People who follow this model vastly enable the competencies of others for greater results. Utilize this model successfully by getting your copy of 5 Levels of Mastery

Coaching Mastery Model (CMM)

The Coaching Mastery Model (CMM) reflects the expertise of those who have achieve coaching mastery. The CMM holistically showcases what and how profound coaching is conducted to unlock the potential of people for breakthrough results. Leverage on the power of coaching mastery with the 5 Levels of Mastery, get your copy today.