ITD World’s Certified Training Professional (CTP) is designed for those who wish to become a professional trainer. The program is fully accredited by HRDF & adopted by global organizations such as the United Nations.


A Train the Trainer Class is designed to teach participants how to become a trainer. It covers topics such as how to develop training materials, how to deliver effective training sessions, and how to assess the effectiveness of training programs.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more challenging for organizations to find skilled workers. In order for them to retain a competitive position in the market, ongoing training is essential – which leads to the need for a team of internal trainers who can provide top quality coaching and training for employees.

Train the Trainer Course Certified Training Professional


Train the Trainer Course Certified Training Professional

The Certified Training Professional (CTP) Program is offered by the ARTDO International in collaboration with ITD World. It is a 5-module competency-based skills development program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive and structured view of training principles and methodologies.

Since its introduction by Dr. Mario Aquino del Castillo in 2004, CTP has remained as the benchmark for high quality certification for L&D professionals. Upon completing the program and submission of work-based projects during the assessment period, you will be awarded a training certification to recognize your qualification as an HRD Corp Accredited Trainer.

In 2021, CTP’s 9th version was released – with various innovations introduced to keep up with the fast-evolving training and development landscape:

  • Adoption of the latest ARTDO Competency Model – which includes new competencies such as Adopting Technology Solutions and Using Appropriate Methodologies.
  • 9th Edition Participant Manual and Study Guide.
  • More support for the CTP candidates through video and virtual tutorials and live coaching sessions.
  • Additional editable templates for immediate use back at work.

Given recent disruptions – which have given rise to the popularity of online training courses, participants now have the choice of taking ITD’s Train The Trainer Certification program on either a full e-learning or blended platform. In addition, they can decide which modules to attend face-to-face, and which ones to take on a self-paced mode.

WHY should I attend this training certification course?

First offered in 2004, the Certified Training Professional (CTP) has since grown to become the gold standard for training – being accredited by HRDF and adopted by organizations such as the United Nations. Over the years, more than 1000 trainers from 25 countries have been awarded this prestigious certification.

Certified Training Professional Testimonial

An Immersive & Engaging experience

  • Access to ITD World’s extensive video tutorials.
  • Teleconference discussions with CTP coaches.
  • Content for all modules and participant guides.
  • Detailed 9th edition On-Line CTP Study Guide.
  • Copy of Bottom Line Training (official text).
  • Chat rooms for conversations with coaches and participants.
  • Face-to-face class experience (blended option).

Comprehensive evaluation

Each participant of this train the trainer course will be evaluated based on the competency criteria at two stages:

  1. At the learning level after the Certified Training Professional Program.
  2. At the application level after the submission of competency reports.

The reports will be based specifically on performance against competency criteria. The client organization will be provided with the participant evaluation. Assessment will be 360 degrees with inputs from direct superior, participants, internal/external clients, program facilitators as well as self-assessment by the participant.

At the end of the course, the Certified Training Professional conferred and recognized by ITD and ARTDO International will be given on the basis of the assessment of completed projects.

WHO is this Certified Training Professional (CTP) for?

ITD’s train the trainer course is suitable for the following audience:

  • Training managers & specialists.
  • Design & learning specialist.
  • Trainers, facilitators and technical experts who are required to do training.
  • Individuals who see training as a significant part of their work life.

Course details

The Certified Training Professional (CTP) program is comprised of 5 modules – which are based on the well-accepted ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation).


Module 1 ~ Analysis

Competency Focus

  • Organizational Awareness.
  • Performance Orientation.
  • Investigative Analysis.
  • Intervention Selection.


  • Provide a business-wide strategic perspective to training and development.
  • Introduce the training process framework as basis for analysis.
  • Adopt a systematic, measured approach to needs analysis.

Module 2 ~ Design

Competency Focus

  • Instructional Analysis.
  • Writing instructional objectives.
  • Adult learning theory.
  • Planning the learning solution.


  • Provide a template for training design.
  • Explain the step-by-step procedure in training design.
  • Give sufficient opportunity for participants to do prototype design.
  • Encourage creativity in design.
  • Demonstrate the necessary components of learning outcomes.
  • Distinguish between learner-centered and trainer-centered considerations.

Module 3 ~ Development

Competency Focus

  • Apply instructional process theories.
  • Prepare course lesson plans.
  • Develop course materials.
  • Adopt technology solutions


  • Gain insight into the process of creating course materials.
  • Create lesson plans consistent with learning theories and principles.
  • Build active learning activities.
  • Develop instructions for learner-led courses.

Module 4 ~ Implementation

Competency Focus

  • Create and maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Ensure achievement of objectives.


  • Build confidence in delivering a training assignment.
  • Know how to create a conducive learning environment.
  • Achieve greater learner engagement.
  • Handle challenging situations.
  • Facilitate experiential and group learning activities.

Module 5 ~ Evaluating Learning

Competency Focus

  • Evaluation theory.
  • Plan for evaluation.
  • Data collection.
  • Analysis and Reporting.


  • Encourage more depth in the level of training evaluation.
  • Provide the theoretical basis for training evaluation.
  • Provide the main distinctions among the different levels of evaluation.
  • Develop the tools of evaluation.