Certificate In Human Performance Technology (HPT)

ITD World’s Human Performance Technology Certification Course equips you with a systemic approach to analyzing and improving workplace performance.


Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the application of scientific principles and technological advances to optimize human performance. Its aim is to analyze and improve human capabilities to perform optimally at work.

HPT has its roots in the early 20th century, with the emergence of industrial psychology and human factors engineering. These disciplines were initially concerned with improving worker productivity in factory settings, but they soon began to be applied more broadly to other domains such as healthcare, transportation, and military.

Analyze problems

Human Performance Technology (HPT) is a systemic approach to analyzing problems and finding lasting solutions. It provides the tools and techniques to solve real problems, in real time, with real measures of improvement.


The Certificate in Human Performance Technology (CHPT) training program is designed to help you address prevalent issues related to human performance in the workplace. Finding solutions to organizational problems is a daily occurrence for most organization leaders. Many will tell you that their solutions often fall short of being totally satisfactory.

Certificate in Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Without a systemic approach to performance issues, the following scenarios frequently occur:

  • What satisfies one group creates problems for another group
  • Today’s solutions give rise to tomorrow’s problems
  • Quick fixes create bigger and more complicated problems

We all fall prey to looking at problems in isolation. A single, isolated problem requiring a single, approach to analyzing problems and isolated solution. This linear approach is convenient. It gives us the satisfaction that we “did something” about the problem. An oil spillage on the shop floor is caused by a faulty gasket and the solution ¡is to replace the gasket. How many will proceed to ask why the plant uses faulty gaskets?

Human Performance Technology (HPT)

WHY should I attend this course?

After finishing ITD World’s Human Performance Technology Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • INVESTIGATE performance problems
  • DETERMINE the root causes of human performance issues
  • SELECT/DESIGN the correct intervention
  • PLAN & EXECUTE these interventions
  • EVALUATE the impact
Human Performance Technology (HPT)

WHO should attend?

For all those in Talent development, Performance Consulting, and all who are interested in improving human performance at work to assist organizations achieve desired outcomes in execution of strategies.

Course details

The Certificate in Human Performance Technology (CHPT) training is delivered online or face-to-face – and comprised of 6 sessions.

Certificate in Human Performance Technology (HPT) Roadmap


  • What is Human Performance Technology (HPT)
  • The process of Performance Improvement
  • The Performance Consulting process


  • Investigate Phase
  • Situation Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Case study


  • Root cause analysis (with models)
  • Systems thinking
  • Case study


  • Intervention selection & design
  • Decision process
  • Evaluating risks
  • Case study


  • Intervention Implementation
  • The change processes
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Case study


  • Evaluating the impact of intervention
  • Formative & summative evaluation
  • Evaluation design
  • Case study

After finishing the course and all essential requirements, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Human Performance Technology – issues by ARTDO International and ITD World.

Course facilitator

Mario del Castillo

Dr Mario del Castillo

Dr. Mario del Castillo is ITD World’s Senior Consultant. He is the Past President of the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization – as well as Past President of the Philippine Society for Talent Development.

Dr. Mario was instrumental in establishing the Certificate in Training and Development in the Ateneo de Manila University Human Resource Centre. He later designed and developed ITD World’s signature Train the Trainer course – which is accredited by HRDF and has been adopted by various international organizations as their internal training standard.


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