Global Leadership Team Conference (GLTC)

PENANG    October 17, 2023    E&O Hotel   HO CHI MINH   October 20, 2023    The Reverie Saigon Hotel   KUALA LUMPUR   October 24, 2023  Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel

As the world grows more complex, people and organizations are striving to strike a balance between business growth and personal fulfilment to thrive sustainably. Facing this challenge requires transformational shifts in mindsets, habits, and behaviours for thriving sustainably.


GLTC welcomes three distinguished gurus who will share their wisdom and insight across three thriving cities on how people and organizations can thrive sustainably in an uncertain future. They will communicate the importance of critical, creative, and innovative thinking and action for overcoming challenges to flourish.

World #1 Executive Coach Dr Marshall Goldsmith speaks on “High Engagement and Fulfilment at Work – The Earned Life”. He will be sharing his expertise on creating a fulfilling balance of work and life to thrive in professional and personal settings. In addition, he will draw upon his decades of experience and his latest book – The Earned Life – to provide a thought-provoking exploration of fulfilment at work.
World #1 Strategic Innovation Coach Dr Peter Chee shares his wisdom and expertise to transform teams for high performance by enabling 10X Thinking for exponential growth and breakthrough results. Leaders who adopt 10X Thinking free themselves from current limitations and gain mental and emotional resilience to massively execute effective strategies for sustainable competitive advantage to thrive.
World #1 Leadership Branding Guru Brenda Bence will show you how to successfully craft and communicate you own unique brand as a leader within your organization. Whether you are an individual contributor focused on “self-leadership” or whether you are actively leading others, this program will teach you how to define and build your own distinctive brand so that you can do more – and be more – in work and life.
  • DISCOVER what Leadership Personal Branding is, and why it’s so critical for both your own success as a leader and for the success of your team and organization.
  • UNDERSTAND the three foundational steps to mastering your brand as a leader.
  • EXPLORE how the same core elements that have built every famous global brand can be applied directly to “YOU™®” — The Trademarked You.
  • FIND OUT the five activities you do every day at work that most impact how your leadership brand is being communicated – to superiors, peers, direct reports, clients, and others.
  • UNCOVER critical Executive “Leadership Brand Busters™” that can damage your brand and diminish your presence.
  • BOOST your gravitas by getting clear on what “Executive Presence” really means and the impact it has on your brand – and your future career.
  • GAIN helpful, pragmatic tips that you can implement immediately to strengthen your Executive Presence.
  • FULLY EMBRACE Leadership Personal Branding as a “mindset” that can help you achieve more in your career, ultimately bringing greater fulfillment in work and life.
  • DISCOVER the 10 Best Practices of High-Performance Teams
  • ENGAGE in profound diagnosis & analysis for high performance team coaching
  • EMBRACE the essence of 10X Thinking to effectively create game-changing innovative disruption
  • EMPLOY 10X Thinking to profoundly transcend limiting beliefs and generate breakthrough goals
  • MASTER Disruptive 10X Team Coaching to fuel innovative thinking & synergistic connections
  • CREATE accelerated 10X strategies, tactics, & action plans for massive execution
  • DELIVER 10X execution and exponential growth presentations effectively
  • UNLEASH the power of high-performance coaching culture to drive 10X growth to thrive sustainably
  • PRACTICE the Heroes Exercise and be ready to apply to your own life and understand the 6 factors that govern fulfilment in life.
  • LEARN the importance of aligning Aspirations, Ambitions and Actions – and how you can use this to maximize value for others and yourself.
  • APPLY The Credibility Matrix to help determine when you need to achieve credibility and when you need to ‘let go’ – and be able to help others do the same.
  • UNDERSTAND the Four Faces of Empathy and learn how you can better manage empathy to enable meaningful relationships with others.
  • REFLECT on The Earning Checklist for greater fulfilment to thrive sustainably.
  • KNOW HOW to use Daily Questions, and especially active questions, to increase effectiveness and build engagement.
  • GAIN insight on how the Life Plan Review process can be used to ensure effective long-term execution of plans.
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