Dr Peter Chee is the President and CEO of ITD World, a leading multinational corporation for Human Resource Development. With Dr. Chee’s leadership contribution for over 30 years, ITD World has established itself as a global learning solutions expert.

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  • Personal Excellence: Techniques for Breakthrough Results
  • Coaching and Mentoring Excellence
  • Leadership and Team Excellence
  • Work, Life and Time Management
  • Motivation and Performance Management
  • Talent Management and Engagement
  • Human Resource Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Sales and Marketing Excellence
  • Creativity and Innovation




Making the Impossible Dreams Possible with Coaching
By Dr. Peter Chee
Coaching and growing people is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding work of a lifetime. When you become an effective coach, you are able to make a profound……
Setting Powerful Goals
By Dr. Peter Chee & Jack Canfield
During the initial process of goal-setting it is fine to have many different possible goals so that you will be able to choose from a range of options the goals that you most want to pursue……
Manage Your Priorities for Maximum Performance
By Brian Tracy & Dr. Peter Chee
Success begins with clarity. You take the time to sit down with a piece of paper and think through exactly what it is you want to accomplish in each area of your life……


“Dr Peter Chee is the World #1 coach for Strategic Innovation and one of the TOP coaches in the world that truly adds great value to people with the highest integrity”
Dr Marshall Goldsmith

World’s no. #1 Leadership Coach

“Canfield and Chee have crafted the standard for anyone wanting to be an effective coach. Their actionable and timeless wisdom shows up through principles, questions, quotes, cases, and tools that will enable any aspiring coach to achieve their aspirations. Anyone being coached should make sure that their coach knows and follows these standards.”
Dave Ulrich

Professor, Ross School of Management, University of Michigan, Author of “Leadership Sustainability

“ITD World has delivered excellence in all the projects. Your teams have delivered outstanding results for us and you serve from the heart to really make a big difference to our leaders. ITD World team, you are truly the best leadership development strategic partner.”
Dr. Agapol Na Songkla

Global Chief People Officer, Thai Bev Group

“Dr. Peter Chee and ITD World have provided innovative and effective leadership and talent development solutions to Intel for various groups and factories for many years and I must say that we have achieved outstanding breakthrough results. I can say simply that ITD world is the best leadership and talent development expert.”
Lau Chze Tat

Former Factory Managing Director Intel VNAT

For more information about Dr Peter Chee’s accomplishments and work, connect with him on LinkedIn