Create Strategies And Action Plans For Goals

A key step after helping others is working to set out the strategies and action steps to execute in achieving the goals. In coaching, you can do this by identifying the specific action steps for each strategy. Action steps are an important output of a coaching conversation. Action steps breaks down the goal into the activities and tasks the coachee needs to undertake to achieve the goal. This helps them clarify the steps that needs to be done. Without an action plan, the coaching relationships lacks direction and accountability. While working on the strategies and action plans, encourage the coachee to be creative and explore various options. Work with them to analyze and identify the better solutions, eliminate the unnecessary, and prioritize the goals, strategies, and action steps. A good practice in setting the action plan is to work from the coachee’s list of goals. Start at the most important goal and work your way down. It is best that the client is the one who owns the list of goals instead of the coach. This ensures the coachee takes active responsibility and ownership to be accountable for getting the results they want. Here is a checklist to help others come up with their action steps for maximum execution.
  1. Ensure the setting of action steps are part of the coaching conversation
  2. Ensure actions are clear and specific
  3. Ensure actions are measurable
  4. Ensure actions are aligned with the strategy
  5. Ensure the strategy is aligned with the goal
  6. Ensure the coachee identifies what needs to be done
  7. Ensure the coachee identifies when the action steps are executed
  8. Ensure the coachee identifies the target completion date
  9. Ensure the coachee identifies what support or resources is needed to get results
  10. Ensure the coachee identifies the people needed to give support or be accountable to

Chunk down your goals with the right strategies and action steps and ensure that they are aligned to enable maximum achievement.

– Jack Canfield

Coaching leaders do their best to refrain from telling their coachees what to do. Instead, they ask great questions to draw out the answers. If people are unsure of what strategies and action steps to take, you can guide the conversation to get the coachee to talk to those who have accomplished similar goals to get helpful ideas.

While working on the strategies and action steps, tap on curiosity to ignite the spirit so that you remain open to creative and innovative ideas. At the same time, ignite their curiosity. Invite them to be innovative and explore various options before analyzing and identifying better solutions.

You can also ask coachees about the costs needed: What do they need to forgo to execute effectively? In the same vein, help them to identify barriers that could prevent them from achieving their goals so that strategies to overcome challenges can be made.

Effective strategies and action steps are essential to enable coachees to achieve their goals. When they get things done, it creates momentum and increases motivation to achieve even more because success breeds more success. When people meet their goals and make great progress, they get excited and begin to believe in themselves even more. Over time they become capable of achieving much more than they imagined possible.

Knowing where you really want to go, how you are going to get there and taking action to get there is the essence of the psychology of achievement.

– Jack Canfield and Peter Chee



  1. WHAT makes action steps important in a coaching relationship?
  2. WHAT are some key steps to help your coachee set strategies and action plans?
  3. HOW can you help your coachee set effective strategies and action plans?
  4. WHAT can you do to build in greater accountability when creating action steps?
  5. WHAT are some pitfalls to avoid when coaching others on setting strategies and action steps?


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