Certificate In Talent, Competency And Succession Management (CTCSM)

The Certificate in Talent, Competency and Succession Management (CTCSM) training program is developed and delivered by world-class HR guru – Dr. William Rothwell from Penn State University. Over 5 days, Dr. Rothwell will be sharing key success factors – plus the latest practices in the area of talent management, competency modeling and succession management.

A World-Class TALENT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION COURSE ~ delivered by an HR Top Thought Leader

In challenging economic times, organizations have a pressing need to attract, retain and develop first-rate, highly-productive talent. Many organizations are struggling to prepare for the so-called “Talent Wars.” That has drawn much attention to the issue of talent management and development.

But what do these terms mean? What proven strategies work to attract, manage, retain, position and motivate people – as economic conditions globally become more challenging? This Talent Management Course will address all of these questions.

Certificate in Talent, Competency and Succession Management

WHO is this Talent Management training Course for?

The Certificate in Talent, Competency and Succession Management (CTCSM) program is suitable for the following audience:

  • Senior Management
  • General Managers
  • Vice Presidents
  • HR Leaders & Managers
  • Talent Management Heads
  • Senior Executives and Managers

After finishing the program, participants should be able to come up with effective talent, competency and succession management strategies to create competitive advantage for their organization.

Talent management

Training objectives

Upon completing this talent management and succession planning training workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the terms Talent Management & Development – and demonstrate how they relate to Succession Planning & Management.
  • Describe how to make the business case for talent management and succession planning in tough economic times.
  • Develop a systematic approach to talent development in their organizations – even in difficult economic times and against the backdrop of a tough labor environment.
  • Discuss the theory and best practices of competency identification, assessment and modeling.
  • Review proven approaches to performance management.
  • Define potential assessment and explain how it differs from performance management.
  • Review proven approaches to assessing the potential of individuals for higher-level responsibility.
  • Discuss how to identify competency-building strategies and link them to a company-specific competency model by level on the organization chart.
  • Summarize proven, creative techniques to recruit and select talent.
  • Identify and use alternative sources of talent – other than internal development or external recruiting/selection.
  • Review key ways to implement individual development planning successfully.
  • Understand technical succession planning, focused on technical workers such as engineers or other knowledge-focused workers, and examine ways to transfer knowledge.
  • Define social relationship succession planning, focused on workers whose social relationships are key to successful performance (e.g: sales, marketing, government/public relations) and examine ways to transfer social relationships.
  • Examine best practices in talent retention.
  • Prepare an action plan for participants to use upon their return to their organizations.
Talent management

Course details

The Certificate in Talent, Competency & Succession Management (CTCSM) training program is available online, and comprised of 5 sessions – each of which is covered in 1.5 hours.

Certificate in Talent, Competency and Succession Management Course Roadmap

SESSION 1 ~ Introduction to Talent Management

  • Defining Talent Management & Development, and making the business case for them.
  • A model to guide talent activities systematically and strategically.

SESSION 2 ~ Competency Modeling

  • What is a competency: Global differences.
  • Why are competencies important?
  • Approaches & activities on Management Competency Modeling.
  • Approaches & activities on Technical Competency Modeling.

SESSION 3 ~ Talent Assessment & Recruitment

  • Using Performance Management and Potential Assessment as foundations.
  • Recruiting & Selecting Talent.
  • Alternative sources of Talent.

SESSION 4 ~ Individual Development & Technical Succession Planning

  • Developing individuals through Individual Development Planning.
  • Technical Succession Planning to address transfer of knowledge and institutional memory.

SESSION 5 ~ Social Relationship Succession Planning & Talent Retention

  • Social Relationship Succession Planning to address the passing on of business contacts and relationships.
  • Retaining Talent: Strategies & best practices.

Course Leader Profile

Dr. William J. Rothwell, PhD., SPHR, is the President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc. He currently works as an HRD Professor at Pennsylvania State University – and is widely regarded as one of the top HR thought leaders in the US.

Since 1979, Dr. Rothwell has worked as a consultant for over 40 multinational corporations in the field of Performance, OD and Talent Management. He has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited over 150 books – many of which have become best sellers.

William Rothwell


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