Certified Chief Master Coach (e-CCMC) 2021

Certified Chief Master Coach (e-CCMC) 2021


The ultimate coaching certification, provided by 5 of the world’s top coaching gurus.

Course content:

  1. Life Coaching – For Holistic Happiness
  2. Strategic Business Coaching – For Competitive Advantage
  3. Executive Coaching – For Profound Transformation
  4. Disruptive Team Coaching – For High Performance
  5. Coaching Culture – For Sustainable Growth

Key Differentiators

  1. Master learning from five of the world’s top coaching gurus and be coached by the best to be the best
  2. Leverage best practices and learnings from cutting edge toolkit, materials, mobile app and eLearning
  3. Accelerate game-changing breakthrough results by accomplishing challenging assignments and projects
  4. Transform and create a high-performance coaching culture for exponential and sustainable growth
  5. Empower your rapid growth by having a chief mentor-coach throughout your journey
  6. Synergize and network with mega gurus, top leaders, key talents and industry captains
  7. Validate mastery with five certificate awards, CMC, and CCMC
  8. Gain recognition and credibility beyond academic qualifications such as MBAs and PhDs
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