Awareness and Acceptance Cultivates Transformation

By Dr Peter Chee and Dr Jack Canfield

coaching leader is in the best position to change people’s lives for the better by helping them create awareness and acceptance so that they initiate the transformative process willingly, and not feel force in doing what they don’t want to do. This happens when new insights surface after the coach asks asking powerful questions, listens effectively, and offers valuable feedback.

When awareness is triggered, the desire to change is stimulated. In doing so, the coach does not have to push the coachee to tell him or her what to do. Instead, the coach takes the coachee on a journey of self-discovery that drives the coachee to come up with solutions.

Transformational coaching enables people to become aware of what stops them from getting going and what gets them going .

– Jack Canfield and Peter Chee.

You can initiate self-awareness by harnessing your curiosity to know more and be in a better position to support the change. When you are curious, leverage on asking powerful questions. Listen deeply, observe, and use your intuition to identify patterns of behavior. Challenge the coachee by asking them if their behaviors bring about the results they want, if the answer is “No”, then it signals that the behaviors are not contributing to what the coachee wants to achieve.

Once the coach has identified a pattern, the process of deconstruction can begin. Ask people to give an example of the larger issue being affected by their behavior pattern. Find out if there is a repeated sequence and a trigger that sets off an ineffective pattern. Ask about what negative effects the habit has on their lives, and what experiences they would rather have.

In the same vein, the coach does not only work with others on areas of improvement. The coach also helps people to identify their core strengths so they can leverage on them to enhance their productivity and contributions. By doing this, the coach assists the coachee to identify patterns of behavior that contributes to results. Discover if there is something that lets to coachee perform at a high level and support them to tap on that. After all, if the failures of others have a sequence that causes them to fall, then the converse is that success also contains the framework for uplifting themselves.

Coaching helps to facilitate this awareness by letting people reflect on what has happened. Doing so allows them to consciously improve their thoughts and behaviors for producing the desired outcomes. A client once shared, “Because I have been heard, I can now hear myself. Now I know myself better, and I know how I can do better.” People can better manage their thoughts, emotions, and behavior when they know themselves better, and that has a huge impact on success in their lives.

Wisdom begins from knowing and conquering thyself and coaching makes that possible.

– Jack Canfield and Peter Chee

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