Acknowledge Efforts and Progress

A skilled coach expresses thanks when the coachee responds with insightful answers to coaching questions, show progress towards their goals, and demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and learning. It’s essential to recognize achievements along the way, without waiting for the complete accomplishment of their goals. Genuine and frequent acknowledgment of progress is pivotal for boosting self-esteem and confidence. Coaches can function as “cheerleaders”, becoming enthusiastic supporters of their coachees’ successes. By reinforcing accomplishments, coaches contribute significantly to the sense of achievement and progress.

When we sow the seeds of recognition and appreciation, we reap greater accomplishments from people.

– Jack Canfield and Peter Chee

This is how Sarah’s coach drove her towards results. Sarah is a dynamic professional driven to enhance her leadership skills within her team. Recognizing the importance of acknowledging her progress and achievements along the way, her coach adhered to the principle of consistent affimation.
Sarah embarked on a journey to implement a new strategy aimed at fostering increased collaboration within her team. Understanding the significance of this step, her coach made it a point to celebrate each milestone. When her approach resulted in tangible improvements, such as enhanced team synergy and communication, her coach acknowledged her efforts sincerely.
During coaching conversations, Sarah was encouraged to reflect on her feelings after each success, identifying the rewards and benefits she was already experiencing. This reinforced her sense of accomplishment and provided the opportunity for self-recognition.
By regularly celebrating these small victories, Sarah’s confidence soared, and her motivation rose, driving her to pursue further achievements. The process of acknowledging her progress enhanced her self-esteem and built a positive and empowering coaching dynamic.

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

– Mother Teresa

In supporting Sarah for results, the coach applied the best practices of coaching effectiveness that is encapsulated in the “Five A’s”
Accountability: Foster robust accountability that empowers coaches to take ownership of their actions.
Action: Provide continuous support to guide people in moving for massive execution on their plans.
Accountability: Affirmation: Offer consistent encouragement and affirmation to bolster resolve in the face of challenges.
Acknowledgment: Celebrate progress and the completion of significant tasks by acknowledging efforts and successes.
Achievement: The first four A’s collectively empower and motivate people which pave the way for greater accomplishments that leads to bigger celebrations and rewards.
Coaches and leaders who regularly practice the 5A’s effectively coach others and enable them towards accomplishments. They encourage strong and voluntary accountability; provide support to implement effective plans; give continuous affirrmation and encouragement; and acknowledge, congratulate, and celebrate progress and achievements.



  1. HOW can you enhance self-esteem and confidence of your coachee effectively?
  2. HOW can you consistently celebrate the progress and achievements of your coachee?
  3. HOW can you ensure robust accountability in your coaching relationships?
  4. HOW can you effectively provide continuous support to your coachee to take massive action?
  5. HOW can you better motivate and drive your coachee in the face of challenges?


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