May 2, 2018by itdworldgroup


 Many organizations have taken steps to address the perceived talent shortages stemming from the pending wave of baby-boomers’ retirements, to meeting talent needs stemming from the explosive growth of human resource. But few organizations have been successful in making the transition from strategic-level talent reviews to integrating talent management successfully into the daily work of corporate leaders. The challenge today is pushing talent management beyond just a buzzword, to become a key effort to be managed on a daily basis and at all levels of organizations. This book is intended to help meet that need and that challenge.

This book is a powerful resource which serves as a manual, blueprint, guide book and toolkit for leaders to achieve sustainable results and growth through people. There is great emphasis on high potential talents and the best performers that contribute the most to the success of the organization. It goes beyond thinking strategically on talent management. It is a tactical and practical resource that enables leaders to be effective in recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining the best people and to embed this work in their daily agenda in order to become truly effective leaders with the rights habits.

Many books have been written, about talent management and related subjects such as succession planning, succession management, workforce planning, and human capital management. These books usually focus on the strategic side of talent management and are intended for readers dealing in human resource management. This book, however, focuses on the practical side that is, the day-to-day work and what leaders should do as a seamless part of their daily work to attract, retain, develop and manage talented people. A key notable feature is that the authors will feature stories and cases of famous leaders including those in the Human Resource field.

This book is about a leader’s daily responsibilities and the role he/she plays as a leader in talent management. Its focus is on the tactical issues of talent management having to do with what happens every day rather than strategic issues about talent management. It also describes how a leader should groom his/her replacement and how to recognize the potential for future greatness when people have not shown it yet. Included in the book are practical recruiting and selection techniques that a leader can use to support talent management.

A segment in the book describes how to manage high potential and high professional workers and how to retain talent. The book tells about how a leader should set an example for his/her workers through self-development. There are answers to some frequently-asked questions about talent management and a daily calendar for leaders to use in planning for efforts to manage and develop talent. Throughout this book, practical tips have been included for readers.

This book is recommended for corporate leaders at all levels including C-suite executives, middle management and front-line professionals.

WILLIAM J. ROTHWELL, PHD., SPHR, RODC, CPLP Fellow is the President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc. He is also Professor of Human Resource Development at the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University. He heads the #1-ranked graduate program in human resources development in the United States of America. Before arriving at Penn State in 1993, he had 20 years of work experience as a Training Director and Human Resources professional in the government and business sectors. He has also worked as a consultant for more than 40 multinational corporations–including Motorola China, General Motors, Ford, and many others. In 2012, he earned American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) prestigious Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award; in 2013, he was honored by ASTD by being named as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) Fellow; in 2014, he was named as an Asia-Pacific BrandLaureate.

DR. PETER CHEE is the President and CEO of ITD World (The Institute of Training and Development), a leading multinational corporation for Human Resource Development. With Dr. Chee’s leadership contribution of more than 27 years, ITD World has established itself as a global learning solutions expert.

JENNY OOI enjoys her work as a Human Resource (HR) professional. As the head of HR, Jenny champions the mission of making its people the competitive advantage of USG Boral Worldwide.