• The World’s Leading Innovation Guru
  • Best-Selling Author & Globally Renowned Innovation Consultant
  • President of The Innovation Resource
  • An internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation
  • Adjunct professor at the University of California
  • One of the contributing thought leaders in the Global Innovation Movement
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ROBERT B. TUCKER is an author of international best-selling books. He is President of The Innovation Resource, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. Adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles for many years, Tucker has been a consultant and keynote speaker since 1986.

His pioneering research in interviewing over 50 leading innovators was published in the book Winning the Innovation Game in 1986. Since then, he has continued to publish widely on the subject, including his international best-seller Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change for the New Century, which has been translated into 13 languages. His most recent book, Driving Growth through Innovation describes the best practices of 23 innovation vanguard companies. As one of the thought leaders in the Global Innovation Movement, Tucker is a frequent contributor to publications such as Harvard Management Update, Strategy & Leadership and the Journal of Business Strategy. He has appeared on CBS News, PBB Series and the CNBC series on The Business of Innovation.

Tucker’s clients include over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies as well as clients in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Australia. He has been a consultant to the Government of Russia and Taiwan, and the Japan Marketing Association, and has travelled to every continent to share his ideas and strategies with global business leaders. Some of Tucker’s clients include Microsoft, GE Capital, Accenture, IBM, Nokia, Cisco, American Express, Nestle, Coca-Cola, BO, Chevron, Bausch & Lomb, Bank of America, Bayer Healthcare, Economic Development Board (Singapore), UCLA, Pennsylvania State University, Honda Motors, Boeing, 3M and Mitsubishi Electronics.