Professional Coaching Mastery

Professional Coaching Mastery

Professional Coaching Mastery

Gain vital wisdom from the world’s top coaching authorities with the Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) program or the Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP) program to unleash your maximum potential for exponential growth. Both programs are structured to equip leaders with crucial leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent maximization competencies for driving sustainable high performance.

Leaders possessing these skills are increasingly valued as they expertly unlock the potential of their teams to successfully navigate an increasingly challenging world. By maximizing internal talent, organizations continuously leverage on the most valuable resource to generate results for rapid growth.

Certified Chief Master Coach

The Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) program sits at the cutting edge of coaching mastery programs in the leadership development field. This program ties the wisdom and expertise of global leadership and coaching gurus comprising Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Peter Chee, John Mattone, Mark C. Thompson and Professor Dr William J. Rothwell into one carefully designed package for accelerating personal and organizational development.

Being selected to join the CCMC assures your place among the global elite to learn directly from the World’s #1 Coaches and Leadership Gurus. They possess years of leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent maximization wisdom honed from developing leaders in various multinational organizations globally. They have coached and developed CEOs from global organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, Apple, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Intel, NASA, Siemens, TATA, Walmart, Pfizer, Toyota, and GSK, and multiple government agencies around the world.

Through your CCMC journey, a dedicated mentor-coach walks with you each step of the way as you create exponential growth in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Disruptive Team Coaching, Strategic Business Coaching and Coaching Culture. Along the way, synergize your learnings and network with gurus, top leaders, key talents, and industry captains who journey together with you.

At the close, validate your leadership and coaching mastery with five certificates to culminate in the Certified Master Coach (CMC) award. Apply your newly established mastery by successfully executing a coaching culture transformation at your organization to secure the Chief Certified Master Coach (CCMC) title. This award is a showcase recognition for achieving game-changing results in the industry.

Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional

The CCMP program is your vital step towards your coaching and mentoring professional mastery. Empower yourself by multiplying your value to your organization, loved ones and the world through effective coaching and mentoring to produce sustainable results.

Coaching and mentoring was found to be one of the most highly rewarding and fulfilling work for a lifetime. This program brings together the best in the industry solutions in collaboration with four gurus comprising Dr. Peter Chee, Dr. William J. Rothwell, Dr. Jack Canfield and Thomas G. Crane.

Coach people towards outstanding results by drawing out the best solutions from them. This creates a tremendous sense of ownership, accountability and commitment from the coachee to enable greater accomplishments in work and life.

Achieve accelerated results and growth when you share your wealth of experience, connections and expertise as a mentor. Teach, advise, guide and support your mentee on the journey to outstanding results.

Master advanced coaching and mentoring techniques to use in synergy to coach and mentor your people throughout their life to obtain breakthrough results. Enter the highly rewarding world of professional coaching and mentoring to experience a life of great rewards and fulfilment.

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