MBA Essentials




The MBA Essentials program enables your long-term career prospects by rapidly equipping you with MBA-level knowledge and skills. Organizations are demanding MBA-level talent in an increasingly competitive and complex world to address challenges and demands for growth. This program holistically equips you with the needed knowledge and skills to establish yourself, and thrive, in many business environments. The MBA Essentials program is carefully designed to provide you with a finely-honed balance of theory, best practices, and methods so you can add tremendous value to your organization. Developed jointly by ITD World and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), this program allows you to be MBA-ready without the cost or time commitment of taking a full MBA*. Empower yourself to make better business and leadership decisions and accelerate your career development. By enrolling in the MBA Essentials program, you will be engaged in:
  1. Winning Corporate Strategy for Business Sustainability
  2. Building Agile Organizations
  3. Managing Finance in Times of Crisis
  4. Marketing in the Digital Age
  5. Operations Management
  6. Leading and Equipping Talent
  7. Harnessing Business Intelligence for Organizational Sustainability
  8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  9. Disruptive High Performance Team Coaching
  10. Digital Leadership
*The MBA Essentials program is a certificate program which does not equal to an MBA degree and is not credit-bearing.