kc yan


  • Senior Principal Consultant at ITD World
  • Sr Human Resources Director, Asia-Pacific & Japan of Freescale Semiconductor
  • Responsible for business HR in 9 countries (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia)
  • Major milestones – spin off from Motorola SPS, set up new performance culture, win in business, strategic talent life cycle development, from public to private LBO, build best in class regional HR leadership team
  • Human Resources Director, Asia-Pacific & Japan of Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector
  • Major milestones – major cost driven restructuring; RIFs; Talent acquisition
  • Sr 
    Human Resource Business Partner Reinsurance Asia of Swiss Reinsurance Co.
  • Head of Human Resources, Asia-Pacific
  • Dual reporting to Group Executive Council Member& CEO of Asia Division in Hong Kong and Group Management Board Member & Group Head of Human Resources in Zurich (for Head Asia HR role) and MD Head of HR for Reinsurance
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management – ITC, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional
  • Master in Industrial Management from University of East Asia, Macau 
areas of expertise

KC YAN is a Human Resource Practitioner with extensive experience in manufacturing and service industry, with a number of leading global MNCs. From a humble beginning, he has reached the top of the career ladder; having achieved significant milestones in different arenas and different roles with different MNCS across the region.

With total 37 years of working experience – during his 19 years of manufacturing experience at Motorola as Production Supervisor; he rose through management hierarchy thru execution excellence and project leadership; cross rotated thru different business units and functional departments: production, supply chain, customer support, materials planning, project & operations management, TQM, 6 Sigma and Kaizen. In his final year as Manufacturing Operations Manager in manufacturing, he was managing approx 600 employees for supporting global customers in Europe, Asia and North America.

KC has managed transcultural business teams including people from Japan, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France, United Kingdom and USA.

After that KC developed a deep interest to switch to OD/ OE consultancy from manufacturing, during his 18 years of Human Resource or OD experience, he has achieved many major milestones such as cost driven restructuring, talent acquisition, succession planning, policy rationalization, change management, country management for policy regulations, merger & acquisition, set up new performance culture, strategic life cycle talent development and many other strategic projects.

KC holds a Master in Industrial Management degree from University of East Asia, Macau and was also a graduate of Advanced Diploma in Management from Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM). Speaker at a variety of International and Regional Conferences including ARTDO, Center for Creative Leadership, Corporate Executive Board, Conference Board and Conference Board. Part of his passion also is to share of his knowledge, he has delivered programs at diploma level, graduate level and masters level programs for Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), Institute of Training & Development – now known as ITD World, and also Malaysian Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management (MIPMM). Subjects covered include Human Resource Management, Industrial & Operations Management, Organization Behavior, Management in Action and Strategies for Change. KC has also delivered a wide range consulting projects and in-house training programs.

KC is an action oriented, practical, performance driven HR expert who is both strong in conceptual frameworks and can convert business strategies into executable human capital change initiatives that shows in strategic results. Highly energized, has intellectual bandwidth to deal with new and complex changing business issues and translate into HR solution requirements. Able to zoom in (be data driven and process oriented) and zoom out (engages in strategic insights). Have strong influence skills and able to broker win-win deals in the executive suite.

His ability to facilitate interactive learning sessions and his stories that he shares with his participants has always been memorable. With his extensive experiences, he will be able to share best practices derived from his years of working with different types of industries and organizations.


“I was privileged to work with KC Yan. KC’s strength lies in his keen ability to translate business strategies into granular bites for practical execution on the ground. With his sharp analytical mind, he can “connect the dots” in the business with ease. His strategic HR work around talent management and engagement has great impact on workforce retention. Certainly an excellent HR strategist with a well-balanced view of what makes business sense!”

Dato’ Mohd Khalis Abdul Rahim ,Chief Human Capital Officer- Telekom Malaysia Bhd

We had worked closely in many areas, including compensation plan, performance evaluation, talent retention, competitive benchmarking, leadership training, talent pipeline and much more. In addition, K.C. was also a key staff on my Asia Country Management Council , covering China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Australia on strategic issues. His deep insights in organization development had contributed to the fast business expansion at the time. I believe his knowledge and skill set should benefit many of the companies seeking for performance excellence.

Joe Yiu, Chairman Emeritus- Asia Region-Freescale Semiconductor

I have had the privilege of getting to see KC’s work from two distinct view points and both proved to be remarkable. In the first instance, I replaced KC as the VP of HR for Asia Pacific at Freescale. What I found upon my first day at work was an impeccably well run HR department, with a fantastic team and great influence and credibility with the business. It made my job very easy! Later on, I had the fortune of meeting up with KC again, this time as a client. What he had done at Freescale he had exceeded at his new employer: HR had a deep strategic influence on the business. KC is truly a business man in HR clothing!

Fermin Diez-Senior Partner, Mercer (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Asia/Middle East/Africa, Talent Business Leader