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” Canfield and Chee have crafted the standard for anyone seeking to be an effective coach. Their actionable and timeless wisdom . . . will enable any aspiring coach to achieve their aspirations. ”
− Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Management, University of Michigan, and Author of Leadership Sustainability

” This is a ‘must have’ for any professional coach who wants to take their clients to new heights of understanding and transform their effectiveness. Extremely well done! ”
− Thomas G. Crane, Author of The Heart of Coaching

” Coaching for Breakthrough Success is the most exciting and innovative book on the art of coaching to come along in years. Canfield and Chee show step by step how anyone, anywhere can assist others in improving performance and achieving personal satisfaction in life.”
− Robert B. Tucker, Innovation Expert and Author of Innovation is Everybody’s Business

” This powerful, practical book gives you the tools and strategies you need to be an excellent business and executive coach, to help your clients in every area, and to build your coaching business profitably. ”
− Brian Tracy, Author of over 58 books in 38 languages

” Engaging the heart and inspiring the mind will unlock the utmost potential of people in any organization. This book puts it all together and provides proven techniques to achieve breakthrough performance. ”
− Thomas Soo, General Manager, Intel Technology

“At the heart of a great coach is a firm belief that each player is a uniquely valuable individual with distinct giftedness and potential for greatness.”

That’s the premise behind this brilliant empowering guide from Jack Canfield, co-author of the 125 million-copy-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and legendary global leadership development guru and CEO Dr. Peter Chee. Combining time-tested principles of exemplary coaches with the latest disruptive techniques used by the world’s top performing leaders, this step-by-step playbook shows you how to nurture—in yourself and others—the three essential requirements of coaching excellence:

    • HEART : The Coaching Principles (TCP) unveils the secret to life impacting values, beliefs and philosophies that permeate all aspects of great coaching.
    • MIND : The Situational Coaching Model (SCM) unleashes the genius of a coach to apply the right combination of crucial paradigms in any given coaching challenge.
    • ENERGY : The Achievers Coaching Techniques (ACT) equips you with proven methods that enable you to deliver breakthrough results in coaching.

Packed with stirring personal stories, life changing case studies, crucial coaching conversations, exemplary coaching questions, inspirational coaching quotes and ready-to-use tools that equip you to achieve professional mastery in coaching.

This practical manual guides you through the top 30 principles every coach needs to succeed. You’ll learn the six paradigms of Situational Coaching, the ultimate power of Achievers Coaching Techniques, and the tried-and-true secret to making impossible dreams possible.

All you need to lead your team to victoryis heart, mind, energy—and Coaching for Breakthrough Success.

JACK CANFIELD is known as America’s #1 Success Coach. He is the author or co-author of more than two hundred books including the 125 million-copy Chicken Soup for the Soul series with Mark Victor Hansen, The Success Principles, Maximum Confidence, Tapping Into Ultimate Success, and The Power of Focus. He holds the Guinness Book of World record for the most books on New York Times Best Seller List with 60 best sellers and 11 books that went to #1.

DR. PETER CHEE is the President and CEO of ITD World with more than 26 years of experience in training and developing leaders from over 80 countries. He is the Chief Mentor Coach and master trainer of Jack Canfield and John Maxwell programs, the co-inventor of the Situational Coaching Model (SCM), co-author of The Twelve Disciplines of Leadership Excellence with Brian Tracy and the co-author of Becoming and Effective Mentoring Leader with Dr. William Rothwell.


Includes: A cutting-edge Coaching for Breakthrough Success Meta Model that synergizes the full power of the entire book with a clear and compelling roadmap that guides you to making impossible dreams possible.