Lessons from the Winner of the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award Vietnam

The award is a testament to the excellent effort to establish a robust coaching culture that unlocks the full potential of their people for driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage Their success is underscored by the dedication to inclusivity, strategic vision, and resourcefulness in integrating coaching to achieve tangible business results, which is a noteworthy accomplishment that deserves of this esteemed accolade. As the administrator for the Award, IT World is delighted to share with you five best practices that AEON Vietnam has carried out to foster a robust coaching culture.



The management is distinctly dedicated to fostering a robust coaching culture. Their dedication is evident through the numerous and proactive coaching initiatives and development programs. These are intricately rooted on coaching principles, approaches, and methodologies that reflects the management’s genuine commitment to fostering a coaching-centric environment.




The vision for AEON Vietnam’s coaching culture is crystal clear – to have a positive impact on business results. They tapped on the combined power of executive coaching, team coaching, strategic business coaching, competency development, regular follow up, and management reviews to drive performance This approach has recorded significant results, including overachieving the results in increasing the number of customers, attracting talent with a tremendous upswing in job applications, and bottom-line business results.





The organization realizes they need their own coaching expertise to nurture and sustain the coaching culture that has been created. To achieve this, they have invested the resources required to upskill many leaders to be effective coaching leaders and internal coaches. Among them include four who have earned the game-changing and life-changing Certified Chief Master Coach certification.



Best Practice #4 COACHING FOR ALL


Making coaching available to everyone at all levels of the organization is a crucial approach for the organization to establish a coaching culture. For the record, AEON Vietnams team members collectively received more than 16,000 coaching hours from 2021 to 2023. This shows a deep commitment to ensure people get the support they need to continuously grow and excel in their work. The organization also partnered with carefully selected external coaching experts to provide coaching to key talents and senior leaders to accelerate transformation and collaboration.





As the organization continues to identify and develop talent to become coaches, others who are interested can also get access to coaching learning materials via the internal coaching portal. Some of the resources indude learning journals of certified coaches, coaching tools, and videos These resources empower all team members to enhance their coaching competencies, contributing to the organization’s ongoing journey towards coaching excellence

The spirit of The Marshal Goldsmith Coaching Culture Award finds a true embodiment in AEON.

SAMI BUGAY, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Served as ICF President, Türkiye

I wholeheartedly endorse Aeon Vietnam and their steadfast commitment to fostering a coaching culture within their organization.

JOAO LUIZ PASQUAL, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Served as ICF President, Brazil


The impact of coaching is evident in how you exceed results expected in providing customer value. Building communities of practice and a coaching center of excellence is so inspirational! Well done!

DARELYN “DI” MITSCH, Served as Global President, International Coach Federation (ICF)

Outstanding effort! I congratulate AEON Vietnam on winning this award.

Penn. State University USA, Award-winning author of over 300 books, Distinguished PROFESSOR DR WILLIAM ROTHWELL


ITD World applauds. AEON Vietnam’s dedication to develop talent through coaching that has set an industry benchmark and inspires others to strive for excellence and prosperity.