Uplifting Meditation Technique

My Dear Friends, I love to share with you a way you can stay resilient and healthy to thrive in challenging times. We can call this the Uplifting Meditation Technique (UMT). By meditating on the highest emotional states of joy, gratitude and love, you shift your awareness to a whole new higher plane. You draw immense energy from the best in you and around you. You start and end your day on the right footing by tapping on wholesome feelings to vitalize and invigorate yourself.

Uplifting meditation technique
5-step meditation technique

Research and personal experience show that a regular physical activity greatly contributes to a healthy mind and body. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, taking a few minutes to stretch and walk after an hour on the office chair is highly recommended. Also, many top leaders we know ensure they make 10,000 steps a day. They keep count using either an app or a pedometer. These leaders come up with fitness plans after speaking to their executive coach. The key here is to remain physically active, even if it is just a walk around the living room or office block.


You begin by taking a deep breath of air through your nose and feel the air entering your body. Pause your breathing for a while. Release the breath slowly using your mouth and feel the warm air leaving. Repeat this step until your mind is clearer and calmer. Each of the stage from inhaling, pausing, and exhaling would be between 6 to 8 seconds.


As you exhale, you call upon the name of the highest power you believe in. In the case of Adrian, he speaks “Abba” (which calls on Father God) as he breathes out. For Ananthi, as she exhales, she repeats in her mind “Om” which signifies divine spirit to her.


This is where you affirm the state you want to be in. When you inhale, you feel the state you want to be in. We recommend three most uplifting states of “I am so joyful”; “I am so thankful”; “I am so loving” You can focus on repeating one of the states or alternate between the three with each intake of air. Feel free to replace the three with affirmations which can uplift and add positive value to you and the people around you. For example, “I am a loving father” or “I am a loving wife” or “I am an inspiring leader” or “I am forgiving” or “I am a great coach” or “I am transforming leaders” or “I am energetic.” Keep your affirmative desires succinctly between two to five words. Less is more in this case.


When you pause in your breathing, you are getting into that space between the almighty power (Step 3) and your affirmative state (Step 4). The aim is to stay in that space of consciousness between the two. You are pausing your thoughts in that moment. For Adrian, this means he pauses between saying “Abba” and his affirmative state of “I am so thankful.” Alternatively, you can also stay in the space between your two preferred affirmative states such as “I am so joyful” and “I am so loving”.

5-step meditation technique

Put a smile on your face as you practice steps one to five and openly receive the goodness. Maintain these steps between 15 to 30 minutes and practice the UMT several times in a day when you desire to uplift yourself and others. Experience the uplifting effect and the longer you practice this, the more edified you feel. If other thoughts come to mind, let them flow over you and refocus on your breathing and on the steps.

When using this technique, you can feel a sense of peace and calmness, enjoy clarity of mind, rejuvenation and receive heighten enlightenment. You uplift your heart, mind, body, and spirit when meditating in this way. By elevating your internal elements of the heart, mind, body, and spirit, your external elements are positively impacted, benefitting your family, community, finances, and career. All these elements begin to spread and multiply as people respond affirmatively to you.

In such a relaxed state, your mind is at its most creative and intuitive. The low-level brainwaves generate new refreshing ideas and solutions for breakthrough achievements. The entire experience, including floating to create weightless eureka moments also release the happy chemicals naturally in you.

This method helps to relieve stress and physical pain, increase immune health, improves your sleep, reduces anxiety and depression, aids in muscle recovery, improves mindfulness and enhances mental and physical performance.

Additionally, this technique evokes three of the highest emotions of joy, gratitude, and love. You are tapping into the states that you want to be in by embracing happiness and abundance whilst opening yourself to love and be loved. Meditating on these highly spiritual states calibrates your inner subconscious existence which is where your tremendous power for good lies. Live your ultimate life transcendentally when you combine the states of Present Joyfully, Receive Gratefully and Give Lovingly.