• The world’s leading Master Trainer of John C. Maxwell Programs from USA
  • The most experienced, high impact, high energy, interactive focused facilitator, coach and consultant for John C. Maxwell Laws of Teamwork and leadership solutions
  • Has up to 20 years of combined experience in senior management and team building in manufacturing, sales, leadership and organization development
  • Held senior leadership positions in Earthlink and Pepsi – drove double digit productivity improvements and managed multimillion dollar projects
  • Led the Earthlink Dallas sales organization to a #1 ranking out of six regions and conceptualized the launch of a sales programs function that drove a system-wide 25 percent improvement in up-sell performance
  • Has most successfully led both public and corporate workshops for many high profile companies such as General Electric, AT&T, Comcast, Texas Instruments, Bristol-Myer Squibb, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, BP, and more
areas of expertise

REGGIE is a dynamic leader with over 20 years diverse experience in Manufacturing, Sales, and Leadership Development. He spent almost 12 years at Pepsi Bottling, where he drove double digit productivity improvements and managed multi-million dollar projects as production supervisor, maintenance manager and production manager. Also while at Pepsi he conceptualized and launched a professional development program for production leaders to improve results through influence.

At Earthlink (A leading Internet Service Provider), where he spent almost four years in two senior management roles, Reggie led the Dallas Sales Organization from #6 to #1 performing in a 15-month period. He was also call upon to conceptualize, launch, and lead a sales-programs function that grew to a staff of 32 and ultimately drove a 25%system-wide up-sell improvement.

In 2004 Reggie followed his passion to deliver a message of leadership to people all over the world. He has been coaching and speaking on leadership and training leaders on high impact public speaking and presentation skills for more than six years now. He has traveled globally (including Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, and Mexico) and worked in high-profile corporate universities such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Comcast, Bristol-Myer Squibb, Pfizer, ESPN, Walgreen, BP and more. Reggie recently had a three-week tour in southeast Asia (Malaysia and Vietnam) delivering a Laws of Teamwork experience (based on content from well-known leadership guru John Maxwell) to several hundred senior leaders and business owners.

Reggie earned his Electrical Engineering Degree from Kansas State University and is now pursuing an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Reggie is a leadership enthusiast who uses his wealth of experience and real-life stories of overcoming difficulty, frustration, and moments of failure to achieve success. Reggie’s goal is to educate, motivate and inspire leaders to persevere through difficulty to achieve the success they desire. Reggie speaks about 6 keys to leading your success and Communication that Gets Results, both for leaders who need to drive results through others. Experience the Power!