My unique perspective as a mental health professional who incorporates Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry into my workshops, consultations and retreats is forged from solid theory based on sound psychological principles and immediately applicable techniques that provide real solutions. Since 1997 I have given over 1000 full day trainings to more than 50,000 professionals across the United States, Canada, SE Asia and the Middle East. Some of the highlights include:

Institute for Training and Development (ITD World)

Currently providing services as an HRDF approved trainer and coach for ITD World throughout SE Asia for corporate leaders on: Thriving! Positive Energy at Work for Leaders and Transform the Stress of Success with the Power of Positive Energy, and soon for healthcare professionals: Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Positive Energy” Highlights include:

  • Sarawak Energy
  • Intel Corporation
  • Asian Regional Training and Development Organization
  • Monash University
  • PSMB Malaysia

Professional Educational Seminars Inc. (PESI)

  • Provided over 400 full day continuing education seminars to more than 20,000 healthcare professionals in 50 states across the United States on various mental health topics including stress management and burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, depression, severe and persistent mental illness.

United States Military

  • Army Family Support National Conference – Keynote Speaker
  • Veterans Administration Regional Conference, Portland, Oregon
  • Veterans Administration Regional Conference, Los Angeles, California
  • Veterans Administration Hospital Walla Walla
  • Navy Fleet and Family Support Program
  • Air Force national convention – Keynote speaker

National Association of Social Workers:

  • North Carolina State Chapter – Keynote Speaker
  • Washington State Chapter
  • Oregon State Chapter
  • Virginia State Chapter
  • Alaska State Chapter – Keynote Speaker
  • Mississippi State Chapter sponsored for aid workers of Katrina

Regional Workshops:

  • “Breaking the Cycle” Prevent Child Abuse Indiana
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates, National Convention – Closing Speaker
  • Common Wealth of Virginia Department of Corrections – Keynote speaker
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Fast Track Conferences – Seattle, WA
  • Medical Case Managers, Seattle, WA
  • Lady of the Woods Child Development Center – Ontario, Canada
  • Serenity Lane Treatment Center
  • Lebanon Community Hospital, Corvallis, OR
  • Josephine County Mental Health Department, Hugo Hills
  • Cascadia Behavioral Health, Inc.
  • San Diego School District – Keynote speaker
  • Portland Oregon State Hospital
  • Wisconsin Board of Aging and Long Term Care – Keynote speaker
  • North End Senior Care Center
  • Metro Senior Network
  • Choice Advisory
  • Moving Forward Senior Services
  • Oregon Health Sciences University; Office on Disability and Health
  • Oregon Department of Human Services; Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • PacifiCare Behavioral Health
  • Portland Podiatry Clinic
  • Columbia County Mental Health
  • Washington State Adult Foster Care Home Association


  • Trauma Recovery and Corporate Solutions
  • Singapore Association for Mental Health
  • National Council of Social Services
  • Singapore Social Service Training Institute
  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Prison Service
  • Samaritans of Singapore
  • Singapore Ministry of Community Development
  • Asian Women Welfare Association
  • Sembawang Family Service Centre
  • Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre
  • PPIS West Family Service Centre
  • PPIS East Family Service Centre
  • Care Corner Family Service Centre
  • Pasir Ris Family Service Centre

Middle East

  • American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology – Abu Dhabi
  • Mubadala, Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  • Al Rhabba Hospital, Abu Dhabi
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Health Authority
  • Lily Pharmaceutical Company – Dubai

National Association of Social Workers:

  • Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM), Kuala Lumpur
  • HELP University, Kuala Lumpur
  • AIESEC, University Sans Malaysia, Penang
  • Reapfield Real Estate Company, Penang
areas of expertise


Over the past 20 years developing my brand, I have been interviewed by the press including Forbes, Marketwatch, Social Work Today, Yoga Journal, the New Times Singapore Newspaper, the Columbian Newspaper and others, am listed with numerous speaker associations including United Speakers Association, Walters Speaker Association, Professional Educational Seminars Inc., and Americas Continuing Education, have written and published a book, numerous articles and developed several products. Highlights include:

  • Breath of Relief: Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Flow is a 242 page book published in 2005 that is authorized for continuing education. Over 10,000 copies have been sold to date.
  • Qigong for Care Providers. This 20 minute production demonstrates and teaches 4 basic Qigong movements and the energy stance that will discharge the energy residue of stress and compassion fatigue and enliven your body and mind with the energy of flow. This production was filmed at a Buddhist Temple in Singapore with martial arts master Simon Yong. Over 4000 copies sold.
  • Social Work Today Magazine. Wrote a series of articles for the leading on-line social work magazine including: The Art of Charting; Compassion Fatigue – The Heavy Heart; From Professional Risk to Self-Expression; Vicarious Terror: The New Face of Compassion Fatigue and Body Awareness: Transformation through Compassion Fatigue.


Martial art plays a vital and ongoing role in my development as an athlete, a professional and a human being. It is at the core of many principles that I utilize as a workshop facilitator and trainer. It was essential in my recovery from burnout and depression and is one of the major vehicles for my personal growth. The art I practice is called Wu Ying Tao Kung Fu which means The Formless Way and forms the basis of Healer-Warrior philosophy.

  • Started training at age 13 and earned rank of Black Belt at 18, one of the youngest to achieve that rank in this style. At 19 owned and operated one of the first martial art studios in the northwest. Began semi-professional competition at age 19 in full contact karate earning distinction in local and national events. Retired from competition to enter graduate school at age 23.
  • Was introduced to Qigong and received personal instruction from Master Simon Yong in Singapore in 1991. Overcame burnout and depression remaining medication free for the past 25 years as a result of this training. Was awarded rank of Qigong instructor by Master Yong in 1998.

KARL LAROWE was on the brink of burnout. He felt depressed, tired, and anxious all the time. His stomach, neck, and back muscles were always tense. His heart seemed like it was going to explode. The unpredictable violence and trauma he experienced working as a crisis counselor in the emergency room of a busy inner city hospital had left him with chronic stress, compassion fatigue and burnout. Unable to control and manage the secondary-traumatic stress he encountered at work, he developed severe and persistent depression and nearly ended his life by suicide.

After years of medication and therapy, Karl decided to discover new ways to restore his energy and love for his work naturally. He researched new methods in psychology such as Positive Psychology, Energy Psychology, Strengths Psychology and investigated the practices of somatic awareness, conscious breathing, mindful movement and creative visualization. In 1989 he moved to Singapore and learned Qigong from Master Simon Yong. Within six months Karl was able to throw his Prozac away and has not taken it for over 25 years.

By combining elements of Qigong with Positive Psychology, Karl developed a method for transforming stress and burnout into positive energy that has helped thousands of professionals on three continents to find the strength and stamina to go on working while learning to care for themselves.