EQ For Innovative Leadership

EQ For Innovative Leadership

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The new benchmark that measures a person’s success is the ability to manage one’s emotions. Emotional stability or emotional intelligence is crucial in equipping the individual to cope with tension and setbacks in an effective and productive manner.

The emotional stability of individuals within an organization is of vital importance to the success of the organization.

Building and maintaining relationships or networks of contacts at the workplace is essential to an individual’s success. It is also the hallmark of good leadership practice.

Developing good and productive relationships with colleagues, associates or customers, external clients and counterparts outside the organization is important for the attainment of work-related goals.

This program has been specially designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills on developing emotional intelligence, enhancing communication and relationship building and leadership.

These three competencies are essential for individuals within an organizational setting as it encompasses the philosophy of a wholesome individual development.

The structure of the program is amalgamated with developing the creative potential to ensure that there is a dynamic follow through after the program.

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