Kenzer Tan

Kenzer Tan


  • Proven leadership experience from Head Prefect (school) to Managing Director (European listed MNC) to Chief Assessor of Melaka Chief Minister Award (community).
  • Successfully set up the TQM culture in an European multinational corporation which won all of Malaysia’s P&Q (Productivity and Quality) awards
  • Prime Minister Quality Award (from PM)
  • National Productivity Award (from PM)
  • Quality Management Excellence Award (from PM)
  • National QCC (Quality Control Circle) Champion (from Minister)
  • Melaka Chief Minister Award (from CM)
  • Successful in turning around two financially ailing companies in America and in Malaysia
  • Broad based functional experience in heading departments in Total Quality Management, Customer Service, Planning, Operations, Human Resources, Information Technologies and Communications.
  • Leadership and management experience in large public companies as well as small and medium sized enterprises both in the roles of customer and supplier.
  • Cross-cultural management successes in American, European and Asian companies.
  • Recipient of the Tokoh Pekerja Lelaki (Best Male Employee of the Year) from the Malaysian Prime Minister


  • Strategic Leadership and Management
  • Strategic Development & Execution
  • Management & HR Consulting


Kenzer Tan working experience started in America – after completing his undergraduate studies at UCLA(University of California Los Angeles) – where he worked for two SMEs in the pharmaceutical and pre-packaging industry. In the ISP Pharmaceuticals (based in Los Angeles, California), he started as a trainee and rose to the ranks of Vice President of Operations. In the Major Business Services (based in Ontario, California) where he was the VP Operations, he authored the one-stop solution proposal that won the company the contract that turned the fortune of this financially ailing company.

Upon his return to Malaysia, Kenzer was the Group Manager of a local SME (Chin Siew Fui Sdn Bhd) with businesses in recycled moulded paper pulp and farming. The management initiative to be the first in the country to supply recycled moulded paper pulp in place of polystyrene and Styrofoam garnered it many MNCs customers shipping to European countries with strict environmental protection regulations.

He then join a Siemens Semiconductors Sdn Bhd (which was spun off as Infineon Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd) starting in the position of TQM manager, then to Senior Manager of TQM and Communications, Director of Planning and finally as Senior Director of Human Resource for over 5,000 employees. Kenzer was instrumental in the implementation of the company’s TQM culture which was evidenced by the company winning all the Malaysia highest Productivity and Quality-based TQM awards, such as Prime Minister Quality Award and National QCC Champion, at the organization, team and individual levels.

He implemented HR inventions such as employee surveys and designed proprietary leadership training and development programs which ran on a weekly basis over a three-year period. He also designed and conducted a talent management event to evaluate and identify the organization’s high fliers for placement and development.

Kenzer also held the position of Managing Director of a Dutch listed company, Besi Apac Sdn Bhd, heading its site in Malaysia and in China. He designed a proprietary Performance Management System, linking it to the Strategic Management and Process Management, to turnaround the local company and returned it to profitability within 6 months after three years of losses. The turnaround was helped by the low-key implementation (no sloganeering) of TQM practices, HR interventions as well as running the weekly leadership training and development programs for the second and third echelon leaders to ensure alignment and commonality of understanding in the company.

At the Community level, Kenzer has been appointed as the Chief Assessor of the Chief Minister Award in Melaka (2005, 2007), presenter for various programs for MPC, PSMB and Institute of Melaka Management. He has shared experiences and learning with such Celcom, Mobikom, Telekom, Pioneer, Hitachi Consumer Products, Samsung, Petronas, Fico, Harris Semiconductors, Malaysia Productivity Corporation, UiTM and Multimedia University. Kenzer has also been the featured speaker on strategic transformation to Dongguan (China) industrialists at the invitation of the Dongguan media group.

Kenzer has recently provided training or consultancy for Robert Bosch, BBraun, Intel, Infineon, BASF, Sunpower, Entegris, Faber-Castell, Maruhan Bank (Cambodia), Panasonic, Hitachi, Telic and Micro Nano Precision, and is the principal trainer for the Junior Industrial Management Executive Program (a 7-month up-skilling government program for fresh graduates) with MISDEC (Malacca Industrial Skills Development Center).

Kenzer Tan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. His Masters of Business Administration is from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Currently he conducts the Certificate in Strategic Leadership Development (CLDP) program for Intel under ITD World.

For his contribution to the company, fellow workers and the community, and his continuous self-development, Kenzer was accorded the Best Male Employee of the Year Award 2001 (Tokoh Pekerja Lelaki) from the Prime Minister,Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 2001.

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