Business Recovery and Continuity Management

Business Recovery and Continuity Management

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As business organizations prepare to get back their businesses up and running post COVID19 pandemic lockdown, there is a need to have a systematic business recovery and continuity management process in place.  This implies the need for maintaining (planning & re-organizing) business functions quickly resuming them with an immediate term, short-term, medium-term and a longer-term phase.

Phase 1: Immediate term – crisis management dealing with pain points (customer service reconfiguration, cash flow optimization – inflow, outflow and balance sheet modelling and quick actions)

Phase 2: Short term – survival management dealing with alternative revenue generation and cost management and employee morale

Phase 3: Medium term – business continuity focus on key clients, key operating models, opportunity models based on certain intelligent scenarios planning

Phase 4: Long Term – sustainable transformation by turning the recovery curve faster than your competition through new customer value creation business models that are more agile and future customer centric

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